Fundraising & Donations

Instructions on how to donate are provided in the following document.

* Please make sure to select S-Magee PAC for (Funds Destination)

For questions or more info email us:

Thank you to the families who have joined our FlipGive team! We will keep you updated with how much we are earning from this fundraiser.

By joining the team you can help raise funds for our school by using FlipGive every time you go shopping. FlipGive gives cash back to the Magee PAC at a large variety of stores and restaurants you are already making purchases at. Any money raised goes towards enhancing education for students at Magee (in consultation with the parents and school staff). Find out more and sign up through Magee’s FlipGive Fundraising Drive.

Use the FlipGive app or browser plugin before shopping online at stores like Starbucks, Amazon, Sportchek, Nike, Bay, The Gap, Indigo, etc. and you will be ensuring a percentage of your purchase gets credited to Magee programs.

Bring you recycling into the Return-It Express

Bring you recycling into the Return-It Express and enter the phone number 604-713-8200 to have your donation go to Magee PAC Account.