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Welcome to our Magee PAC Social Hub! Find out what’s happening in our school community and connect with other parents by attending our General Meetings.

The PAC typically meets on the second Tuesday of each month, alternating between Executive and General Parent meetings.

We look forward to working together!

PAC General Meeting DATES 2022/2023

October 11, 2022
December 13, 2022
February 21, 2023
April 11, 2023

June 13, 2023Annual General Meeting

Time: 7PM – 8:30PM

Location: Magee School Library

All Magee Parents and Caregivers Welcome!!!

Magee PAC Executive

On our home page you will find information on Parent Advisory Council meetings, fundraising, events, contacts, volunteer opportunities, and parent resources.
Please contact us at anytime at Magee Secondary PAC Connect

Welcome you to our shared community!!!
Fundraising & Volunteer Coordination

MAGEE PAC 2021-2022

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Social Events Coordinator
Chinese Parent Liaison
& Translator
Communications Coordinator

Magee School Plan 2018-2021

What is a Parent Advisory Council (PAC)?
PAC is the officially recognized collective voice of parents of their school. It is an autonomous body and must abide by its Constitution and Bylaws and the School Act. All PACs, through their elected officers, advise the school board, may hold discussions with the principal and staff of their school on any matter relating to the education of the students and the school.

Who is a member of the PAC?
Yes, you are a voting member if you are a parent or a guardian of a student currently registered at the school.

How does PAC work? What is a PAC meeting?
The PAC listens to parents in the school and discusses issues of importance to Magee families in order to best advise those who influence the school (ex. Principal, staff, or Board). Administration and occasional guest speakers come to speak to parents regarding any matter relating to the school and are for planning, learning, communicating, discussing, socializing and sometimes voting to keep things moving during school year and to stay informed. Your attendance makes for a successful meeting and questions and suggestions are always welcome.

Note: The PAC does NOT discuss individual students/staff problems or conflicts.

Magee PAC Constitution & Bylaws (Chinese)

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