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Two Vancouver School District students to join Team Canada in International Science Fair

Apr. 16, 2021 | Categories: Student Success, Science and Technology, Science and Technology, Student success

Two students of Vancouver School District will be join Team Canada at Regeneron International Science and Engineering (ISEF) Fair May 16-21, 2021. The students submitted their science projects to Team-Canada ISEF selection held by Youth Science Canada and six finalists were announced March 21, 2021. Of the six finalists, two are from the Vancouver School District.

Angela Zhou Gr. 11, Magee Secondary
An Investigation of a Dark Sector Interaction Model to Solve the Hubble Tension

Angela, who has been a space fanatic since elementary school, recalls her Grade 6 science fair project, surveying the many hypotheses of how the universe will end, and now five years later she is furthering the research on how the universe is expanding.

The Vancouver School District mentorship program was a catalyst for her passion in Cosmology which began in Grade 6. She was paired with a Science World staff that introduced her to the study of Cosmology, and through the mentorship opportunity she also had the chance to chat with a professor of cosmology at SFU who is now her research advisor. In early 2020 with her advance studies in Math and Physics and the support she received from her teachers and mentors, she gained the confidence to delve straight into her data modelling experiments for her investigation of a dark sector interaction model.

Her science fair project submission is about solving some of the inconsistencies with the current standard cosmology,
“My project aims to investigate one potential area of ‘new physics’ – interactions between dark matter and dark energy. So, what I did was to add in an interaction between dark matter and dark energy and try to fit it in with current data and for some instances sets it fits better.”

Learn more about her project.

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